Your Bones Are Wet


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Your bones ARE wet!
A delightful t shirt, which offers a rather morbid and uncomfortable fact. Dead bones are dry and quite brittle just ask any of the members of Time Team, but delicious, bouncy, alive bones are a different matter, not only are they wet as because they are over 1/3 water, they are also a bit spongey and here’s a fun fact. They bleed when broken.

Don’t just take our word for it listen to the words of the world famous Open Bone Journal (so good its discontinued) in their fascinating read “The Young’s Modulus and Impact Energy Absorption of Wet and Dry Deer Cortical Bone” here

It’s no wonder your dog keeps licking you, he just wants to get to your fun, malleable, Filled with blood and delicious Marrowbone jelly bones!
Great for cocktail parties and social gatherings!

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